Dragons, Trolls and Unicorns

This week, the children have continued studying discussion texts. Together we wrote ‘Should Trolls be kept as Pets?’ and the children used this to help them write about a creature or animal of their own. Most decided that it would be reasonable to keep a unicorn or sea monster as a pet; maybe something for the Christmas list?


Within maths, we have explored different strategies to help us with mental multiplication and division such as partitioning and using our existing times tables knowledge to help us calculate the product for those we don’t know.


Next half term will bring some dragons, business enterprise, mysteries, dance and cooking!


For the first week back, please could your child bring in an item that demonstrates a texture (e.g. smooth, rough, fuzzy).


Today the children were given their homework (to be handed back on Thursday 2nd November) which includes 2 maths tasks and to write a diary entry.