Every second counts….

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This week we have been learning how to tell the time on an analogue clock. We have been talking about the movement and position of minute hand and the hour hand when telling the time on the hour, o’clock, and at half past the hour. In Literacy we have thought of rhyming words, using pirate stories, and written our own letters inspired by a message in a bottle. During our child initiated learning (CIL) we have been engaging in activities that will support our physical development, which will help us access all our learning as we continue to grow.

As the sun is shining and the weather is improving… please enjoy the outside world with your children… roll down hills, spin and hang around, dig in the garden and jump about… How we develop physically (specifically our proprioceptors, which is our muscles, and our vestibular system, which is our balance) is vital in order to meet our full learning potential…we need to get our brain and bodies working together!!


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