Guess the baby photo!

In Literacy we have been learning about verbs and using them to write interesting sentences. We have been miming different actions and guessing the verb.


In Maths we have found out about halving and doubling numbers.  We know that only even numbers can be halved.


In Science we have learnt the parts of a plant.


In dance we are enjoying a dance about the water cycle, and have been dancing in pairs and small groups, imagining we are water, rivers and wind.


Lots of fun and learning throughout the week, but the the highlight has got to be looking at our baby photos, guessing who the photo was of and discussing how we have changed over the last few years.  The children were all so proud of their photos – thank you for all hunting them out and remembering to bring them in!


Sky class will will be getting spellings to learn this week, so please look out for the folder and activity sheet in book bags.  Children will have individual spellings and on different days of the week, depending on their group. Aqua class will get theirs when Mr Wanless returns from his paternity leave.