Half term comers to a close…

Brilliant ‘Bikeability’ – during the week, some Year 6 have had the opportunity to participate in this course where they put into practice all the skills needed to be road safe on their bikes. The 4 instructors were very pleased with each group; their listening skills and teamwork.

Across literacy we have been editing  and consolidating our understanding of the various structures and features of non-chronological report writing. The children learnt all about the hard work which the NHS carry out each week, including how it has developed over the last 70 years. They were able to successfully use semi-colons, colons, modal verbs and use of the passive voice.

In Maths, we have been developing our knowledge of multiplication and division using some extremely large numbers. It’s fair to say it’s been pretty tricky, but we’re getting there.

It was great to meet with so many of you this week during parent/carer consultations to discuss your children’s progress so far.

A quick reminder that designs/models of Mayan masks are due back that first week back.

We hope you all have a wonderful half term break and look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 6th November!


The Year 6 Team


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