Homework was handed out today.


Task 1: Maths and multiplication

Please complete the missing digits homework about multiplication.

This is due to Wednesday 20th June.


Task 2: World Cup

This week, your child randomly picked a world cup country.

Using a double page in your homework book, please complete at least 3 of these suggested tasks (although, this is not an endless list).

This homework will be shared every week but is due on Wednesday 4th July 2018.

Ideally, your child will complete their world cup homework about their chosen country, however they may chose any country to base their work on.



a short recount of a football match;

football kit design;

a short biography about a footballer or famous person from their country;

pictures of building or stadiums from their country;

a report about their country;

recipe of traditional dishes (food) from their country,

the list is endless and these are just suggestions.


Please complete at least 1 task per week and be creative with how you record your work across your double page.