Homework was given today.

It is due back on Wednesday 14th.


*NEW* Task 1: This week your child completed a spelling diagnostic. This helped us identify gaps in their spelling knowledge.

Each week, your child will receive a spelling list and activity to complete and practise at home. The following week, they will be tested at school. If this test identifies they need more practise, they will continue with the same words for another week. However if this gap has now been addressed, they will move on to the next rule.

This is in addition to Year 5 spelling lessons at school throughout the week. We hope you agree that this more personalised approach will help improve your child’s spelling by targeting their gaps.


Task 2: To help us create inspiring biscuit companies, we need you to look at some biscuit designs. You can use the internet, look in shops or even find ones at home. Draw them. Photograph them. Record why you would buy them.


Task 3: Research an animal and how it has adapted to living in its habitat.

For example: camels in the desert; sloths in the rainforest; or sharks in the ocean.




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