In the beginning…

This week, Year 5 have looked at biographies of William Shakespeare and Usain Bolt. We’ve studied the language and how those biographies were constructed.

Today, some of us used the structure of those biographies to help us research facts about someone interesting.

Next week, we will use our writing skills to create a new biography.


In maths we have been testing how much we really understand about column addition and subtraction.

We’ve practised questions, solved word problems and tried to reason with missing digits in our questions.


Remember! On Tuesday in science, we have a workshop about ‘puberty and human development’.

Here is some of the vocabulary we may use over the next couple of weeks:

puberty      hormones      conception       reproduction

testicles     penis             vagina              masturbation

mood         feelings         breasts             menstruation

erection     period            wet dreams      pubic hair