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Alban City School’s admission arrangements are in line with the existing Admissions Code, The School Admissions Appeals Code, and admissions law as it applies to maintained schools and academies. Hertfordshire County Council co-ordinate the admissions process for us and all applications for places in the school are made through this process. To apply online visit: www.hertsdirect.org/admissions

Alban City School has a standard admission number of sixty children per year.


The admission criteria which was used for children who started school in September 2018 in the current academic year 2018-2019: ACS Admissions Criteria 2018-19 



A copy of the admission criteria which will be used for allocating Reception places for children who will be starting school in September 2019 are as follows: ACS Admissions Criteria 2019-20


Proposed Admission Arrangements for Consultation 2020-2021

ACS Admissions Criteria Proposed 2020-21