Only 9 sleeps…

Well, the last week of the Autumn term is nearly here (only 9 sleeps!), and what a great week we have had.  The highlight for most of us was the whole school trip to the pantomime, Cinderella, which really got us into the Christmas spirit.   “Oh no it didn’t.”  “Oh yes it did!”  Year 1 behaved brilliantly and all the adults were really proud of them.


The hard work continued in the classroom though and in Literacy we retold the story of a little orange bird, called Whistleless, who couldn’t whistle.  We tried to use lots of adjectives and time words in our stories, and produced some amazing writing at the end of the week.  We still need reminding to to use capital letters and full stops in our sentences, sometimes.


In Maths we explored numbers up to 20 and recorded as much as we could about each number (wrote it in words, digits, said if it was odd/even, thought of a number sentence and cherry model for it).  It turns out we can remember a lot of what we have learnt throughout the term, which is great!


In Faith and Belief we enjoyed making Christingles and learning about what they represent.


Sky class first week of spelling tests has gone really well and it is obvious that the children have worked hard on learning them.  Remember to bring your spelling folder in on your spelling day.  Aqua will start getting their spellings soon.





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