Persuasive People

In our first full week back, the children have spent time planning and recording a persuasive radio advert. They have thoroughly enjoyed this and the teachers found the adverts to be very persuasive.


In maths, they have looked at fractions, with a focus on finding equivalent fractions and using this skill to simplify fractions.


Our new topic this term is habitats, which the children have started to look at by exploring climate around the world and by discussing the characteristics of living things.


Both classes have gained new pupils this week and both teachers are very pleased at how welcoming the children have been towards our new starters.


Homework was sent our today and is due back in school by Wednesday the 25th of January. There is a spelling piece regarding words that have the ‘shh’ sound spelt ch. For maths, some fractions activities have been set for them on Active Learn. The link is below.


The children have written their login details into their homework books. The school code is alci.

Enjoy the snow!


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