Sports Day

We all enjoyed sports day. We participated in team sports where we completed 8 different sporting challenges. After this we had races for everyone – even the mums and dads! We finished our sports day with a family picnic.

Learning about the post

People Who help Us

As part of our topic on People Who Help Us, Reception class followed the journey of a letter. We wrote letters and posted them in the post box. We learned what happened to the letter after it left the post box and before it was delivered back to school by the postman.

Road Safety

Road Safety

All of the  children and adults participated in a road safety session where they learned how to cross the road safely.  A zebra crossing and road scenario was then created in the playground for the children to explore. +

Our Christmas play 2

Christmas Nativity

We performed a Christmas play called Away in a Manager. We had lots of fun learning the songs and performing to our families.