Rewarding Week

The fantastic weather has been a wonderful addition to a rewarding week for the children.

In Literacy, both classes have enjoyed writing a play, using all the features of a play-script.

In maths, we have focused on mental strategies for calculations, with the added pressure of a time limit to challenge everyone.

Both classes have earned their reward and thoroughly enjoyed themselves taking part in their chosen activities.

Homework has been set for the half term break and is due back in school by Wednesday the 14th of June, to allow those who are away time to complete it. There are two pieces to complete.

Firstly, linked to our Citizenship lessons on responsibility, we have asked the children to find out about the responsibilities of their parents or carers, both at home and work.
Secondly, we have sent home some maths work with a focus on mental strategies. The questions given should ideally take no more than 1 minute each to complete. The children have chosen their own challenge level to bring home and work on. If possible, they may wish to use a clock or timer to help them work to a time limit.

Have a wonderful break.

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