Thor’sday Thursday

We would like to thank all the parents and carers for supporting the Year 5 biscuit sale and attending Forest and Sage sharing assemblies. The children used the biscuit company experience to help them understand income, expenditure and profit. The children have been suggesting ideas about how to spend the year group’s profit. We will update on this soon.


Usually, the term fraction sends shivers down children’s (and some adults) spines. However this week, the children have approached fractions fantastically and used their prior knowledge of equivalent fractions to help them compare, order and find fractions of amounts. Ask your child to show you their approach. Some have been using their abstract thinking and mathematical skills whilst others used bar models to help structure the calculations.


In literacy the children have written imaginative recounts about their involvement in a Thor’sday Thursday celebration we read about in ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. They have also begun recording themselves reading their recounts. During soft start, why not ask your child to show you their writing with accompanying reading using the Aurasma app on the I-pads.


With the cold weather drawing in, please ensure your child is dressed appropriately to go outside at break and lunch and for PE which may be outside on a Friday.