Welcome back!

Hope you had a great half term (it went too quickly, didn’t it?).  I’m sure you’ve heard the news that Mrs Boothby had baby Ivy on Tuesday.  Mum, Dad and Ivy are very happy and we send them congratulations!

In Year 1 we are back and raring to go, with so much to do before Christmas (and the countdown begins!).

In Literacy we have been hearing what you all got up to last week, when everyone planned and wrote a recount of their half term.  It was lovely to hear the children talk and write enthusiastically about what they did. In Maths we have been making equivalent values. using lots of different visual resources.  In Place and Time, the children thoroughly enjoyed hearing the story of St Alban and drawing the six main parts and in PE we have started learning an African dance which is very energetic and tired us all out.  It was great fun though and we look forward to learning more of it next week.

You should all have received your child’s individual Christmas card design order form.  Year 1’s angel’s are so cute!  Please get your order forms and money back in the yellow PTA box by Tuesday (it’s a very quick turn around).


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