Year 6 Update

What a festive week we’ve had! As Year 6, we participated in our last Carol Service held in St Peter’s Church Wednesday afternoon which was followed by Cinderella at the Alban Arena. There were definitely lots of memories to be treasured.

Our stories are really beginning to take shape! This week we have been focusing on the opening paragraph and build up to our problem – we’ve been setting the scene and introducing our characters through dialogue and using lots of ‘show don’t tell’.

In Maths we have been investigating 3D shapes. We have used specific language such as vertex and vertices, edges and faces to describe various 3D shapes for our learning partners to guess.

Staying with the ‘Day of the Dead’ theme in our art work, we have been inspired by some original art and developed our own pieces using our knowledge of the colour wheel and experimenting with various shades and tints of watercolour paints.

We are all looking forward to the Post-box arriving on Monday to send all our cards and we can’t forget Christmas lunch on Wednesday next week!

Have a lovely week end.


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