Year 6 Update

This past week we have continued to develop our understanding of Day of the Dead. In Literacy we have been planning our own stories using ideas from Disney’s Coco for inspiration. Next week will see our story writing finally begin after lots of exploration of the work of an author.

In Art we have experimented with Pointillism, creating papel picado using this intricate technique. The colours we have selected have built on our knowledge of harmonious and complementary colours and look absolutely fantastic.

Our knowledge of shape has improved over the past week. We have been learning a range of new words which we have then used to describe 2-D shapes such as parallel lines, perpendicular lines, opposite and adjacent. We have also sorted shapes using a variety of different sorting diagrams.

Finally, in Topic we have continued to look at how the Amazon was explored by a range of individuals, including gold miners, causing unrest to the Yanomami tribe. The children have had the opportunity to write a postcard building on their knowledge of informal language to describe the impact.


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