Welcome back

Year 5 have been working super hard this week and have come back with their batteries fully charged.

Suspense is our focus on Literacy this week and we have been looking at a fantastic suspense story called The Watertower. We have spent time predicting, looking at different writing techniques used in suspense stories, discussing characterisation and started to read the story. As this is a suspense story, we thought we would only read half of the book…leaving the year group thinking ‘what’s next’ over the weekend.

Our new topic this term is Ancient Greece. This week we have focused on Greece as a country ; the children have located Greece on the map and even plotted on the lines of longitude, latitude and the Prime meridian. Next week we will be looking at Ancient Greece and its place in History.

Maths this week has all been about fractions. We have been working especially hard to compare fractions with different denominators. We started off using manipulatives (cuisenaire) and then moved to drawing visual representations. Finally, we used a more formal method to convert the chosen fraction so they have the same denominator.


Please remember to complete your homework, including your spellings.

We have the visiting planetarium on Wednesday.