Another busy week!

Another busy week of learning and fun in Year 1!

In Literacy we have been writing letters and learning how to start and end them.  We wrote a thank you letter for a Christmas present (it’s still not too late to write your thank you letters at home, to see the children put their skills into practise!).

In Maths we have been comparing, describing and solving practical problems for length (long, short, double, half), weight (heavy, light) and time (quicker, slower).  We have had fun measuring, weighing and seeing how fast different toy cars go.

We enjoyed sorting materials in Science and discussing what they look and feel like and what they might be used for.

In our Citizenship and Ethics lesson, we are talking about ‘feelings’.  This week we focused on ‘anger’ and  we came up with a long list of ways to help us calm down when we are feeling angry.  The children had some very mature, thoughtful ideas.  Let’s hope they can use them if ever the moment arises!

Practise for our Winter Play is well underway, and hopefully you will be hearing some of the songs being sung at home.  Children’s lines and costumes will be sent home during the week.  Hope you have Tuesday 5th February in your diaries.