Why now?

Following the excitement of ‘The Water Tower’ in literacy, we spent last week thinking about what might happen in Gary Crew’s sequel: ‘Beneath the Surface’. We read reviews, the blurb and watched a trailer to help us gather clues before writing the beginning. We continued to concentrate on using our suspense techniques. Set in the future, we gathered that Spike (now named Spiro) had returned to Preston. But like the ending of The Water Tower, we were full of questions: why had he changed his name; why was he returning now; what happened to Bubba; were aliens involved? Thankfully, the wait is over and next week, we will read Beneath the Surface.

In maths, we have been practising different techniques to help us solve problems, such as working backwards; interpreting information; drawing bar models.

Next Friday (1st February) is Forest Class’ sharing assembly.