Busy Bees

This week the children completed some unaided writing. They were given a picture linked to our topic; 999 Emergency and then responded independently. We are really proud of their application of phonics and developing sentence writing. In Maths we have linked learning to ICT (information, communication and technology) and CAL (communication and language). We have been extending the children’s positional vocabulary and language. They used coding skills to set instructions for directions using software. The iPad application we used is called Beebots. Next week the children will be programming bee robots. This will allow them to apply their skills using hardware.

Please continue to practise Phonics using the sound cards and high frequency word list sent home during parent consultations. Thank you for your continued support with hearing your children read as much as possible at home. As we have said before it really shows when they get the extra practice in. The writing this week is a wonderful example.