Wonderful Writing

The children have really impressed us this week with their writing skills. As you will know from the feedback at parents evening we are working on the use of digraphs when reading and writing. The children have already began to apply the use of digraphs in their writing. They are developing their independence by segmenting words for spelling verbally first and then using a ‘sound mat’ to find the corresponding digraphs. The children created sentences in a response to a role-play about hospitals, writing patient records (soft toys from the reading corner).

In maths this week we have been measuring time in a variety of ways. We have discussed the difference between 1 second and 1 minute and we have been carrying out activities and sorting them into whether they took us 1 or 60 seconds. We found out that it’s very tricky to climb stairs in 1 second, but far easier to shake a tambourine in that time! We have also enjoyed some challenging problem solving activities such as using various shapes to create a triangle.

We hope you have a great half-term and look forward to hearing all about it!