Anyone for a jam sandwich?

In Literacy this week we wrote instructions for making a jam sandwich.  We focused on making them very clear and easy to follow, numbering each step and using time words (first, next, then, finally, etc).  We then put our instructions to the test by following them and making and eating our own sandwich.  We all did well and they were delicious!

This week in Maths, apart from our usual lessons, we had a ‘problem solving’ session from an outside company.  It was great fun.  We had to work as a team in small groups, with 2-D shapes and pictures to copy.  We worked really well together and had to think very hard and listen to each other.

In Art we created our own Andy Goldsworthy nature pictures and patterns.  It was great to work with stones, shells, twigs, leaves and lentils.

There are no spellings to learn over half term, so enjoy the break.  Have lots of fun everyone, and hopefully the sun might even shine!  See you on Monday 25th February.