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World Book Day was a great success in Year 5! The outfits (both children and adults) were amazing. Year 5 completed art, reading and poetry tasks across the day. We cannot wait for next year!

In literacy, we’ve finished reading The Viewer by Gary Crew and in usual style, he left us unanswered and wanting more. The children have been writing their openings to The Viewer concentrating on vocabulary and teaching (not telling) the reader. Next week we will turn our attention to report writing about Tristan (the boy whose gone missing).

We have been linking our knowledge of squared numbers and area in maths. The children also applied their skills to find the area of compound shapes, some of which had missing dimensions.

Did Thomas Bruce steal the Parthenon marbles? This week in art and topic, we have been researching, discussing and forming our own opinions about whether the Earl of Elgin did infact have permission to take the marble sculptures from the Parthenon.

Next week, we will be completing the next arithmetic test.