World Book Day 2019

Before the exciting book day news…

Maths has seen the children investigate commutative addition and subtraction. They used the Cuisenaire rods to explore the different ways we can write addition number sentences and that subtraction sentences can only be written with the largest number first.

In Literacy they read ‘The Adventures of the Dish and The Spoon’ by Mini Grey. The children were only read the first part of the story and planned and wrote some brilliant endings, better than Mini Grey’s!

The children wore some fantastic costumes on World Book Day! Throughout the day our activities focus on the Roald Dahl story ‘The Twits’. We read the story and describe Mr and Mrs Twit using some brilliant adjectives for a display in the Library. We also had a food (soft ball) fight with them in PE, where the children were able to hit targets and add up their scores at the end, it was so much fun! There was also an opportunity to meet with another year group and share the lovely books the children brought into school, they did this brilliantly and really enjoyed talking about all kinds of books.