Preparing for Antarctica..

This week it’s all been about ratio in Maths lessons. We were able to compare and contrast ratios to fractions.

In preparation for our International Week starting Monday, we have researched and developed instructions on how to train a Husky for dog sledding in Antarctica. Did you know this can take up to a year (and lots of dedication)!

We also found out that explorers like Scott, survived on high energy foods including Sledging biscuits, Pemmican and Hoosh.

We tested different circuits in Science – by studying the diagram, we had to predict whether the circuit was ‘defective’ and if so, explain how we could make it work.

Now that the SATS Busters books have been completed, we will be sending home a weekly double sided sheet with both Maths and SPaG. It is really important that the children complete these and bring them to class for Wednesday so that they can go through and identify where they have made any errors.

See you next week!
Year 6 Team