We will be sending homework home in a two weekly cycle. The date the homework will be discussed with the children will be identified followed by a description of the task. A maths challenge will also be included as a verbal fun task; this does not need to be recorded.

Friday 05th July 2019

Science: Share your understanding of a roto-copter with your family. Create a presentation that you can use to teach them about the forces that allow a roto-copter to spin. You can use photos to show your presentation.

Links: Here are the links for making the different roto-copters at home.





Maths challenge: Hopscotch reciting the eight times tables forwards and backwards.


Friday 12th July 2019

English: Write an adventure story that has a different dilemma to the one you used in the story written at school.

Remember: Dilemmas can include; keeping a promise, choosing the easy or right choice, quest, mission, returning a mysterious object, being lost, trapped.

Maths challenge: Sing the eight times tables forwards and backwards in an excited way, angry way, embarrassed way and a fearful way.

Please can we have homework books back by Wednesday 17th July 2019