Rocket Science

Year 6 have been completing lots of Science work this week based around rockets. The children were challenged to create a functioning rocket from one single piece of A4 paper that was then powered by a straw. After time to work on different designs, they put their rockets to the test and measured how high they flew. From this, the children were able to write up a full science investigation and demonstrate what they had learnt. They were also able to link this topic to their work in Literacy and have written scripts arguing whether space travel is a good use of public money. We look forward to filming these next week.

The children had a visitor on Wednesday from an outside Science group. She demonstrated a range of different science experiments with the children’s help and they had great fun. In particular, the rocket launch outside was a particular favourite and the children had a great time making slime.

In RSE, children have been learning about puberty and the changes they will begin to experience as they get older. Year 6 have asked some very mature questions and have discussed all topics in a sensible manner.

Year 6 have also thrown themselves into our production of Rock Bottom. We have now learnt all of our songs and are busy perfecting our dance moves ready for the big show. Rehearsals are well under way and the children have worked very hard to learn their lines. We will be adding in props and backgrounds from next week. For the show, we ask that children wear jeans/jean shorts and a brightly coloured t-shirt without logos.