Superworm is super long…

Superworm is super STRONG!

This week in Reception our focus story is ‘Superworm’. This story is full of rhythm and rhyme, which makes it great fun to read! We have been exploring rhyming strings such as bug, jug, slug, hug and creating our own rhyming strings with some real and nonsense words! Have a look at your books at home and see if you can find any more rhyming strings!

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In Maths we  have been practising our digit formation with some more rhymes. The rhymes help us to learn how to correctly form the numbers! Use the powerpoint below to learn the rhymes at home and keep practising writing numbers.


We have also been comparing the length of a range of objects, using language such as long, longer, longest. We searched our classroom for things that were different lengths and then put them into order. We don’t think we found anything quite as long as Superworm though!

In phonics we have learnt the following sounds: s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d, g, o c, k, ck, e, u, r and the tricky word I and the. Tricky words are words which we can not decode so must be read on sight.