Christopher Columbus!

This week we have been focusing on estimation in maths. We began the week by trying to estimate the place a number should be on a number line. We were able to reason and discuss our answers to explain our thought process.

We have also been using our number bonds to 10 and 20 to help us when adding. We played a game with counters where we added counters onto a 10s frame. Once we had filled our 10s frame we regrouped them using our number bonds to make adding easier.

Next week, we will continue using concrete objects to support us when adding and subtracting.

In literacy, we have began looking at diary entries. We looked at the different features and colour coded them in order to see how they all make up a diary entry. We will be writing a diary entry in the character of Christopher Columbus therefore, we began thinking like Christopher Columbus and what he might be seeing, smelling, hearing and feeling during his journey. This will come in very handy when we begin writing our diary entries next week.

In ICT, we created our own games. We designed characters, enemies and power ups. Once designed we imported them onto the app Sketch Nation. This helped us when putting these characters into our own game.

** Please remember we require donations of cardboard boxes and bottle lids for next week. All donations will be greatly appreciated!**