Coding experts

What a week! This week both classes have excelled in ICT and their coding project. We have spent the last 5 weeks creating our own racing game with a lap counter and hazards. Both classes have breezed through and have now moved on to creating their own games. The children have their own Scratch accounts so you can check them out at home.

In Maths we have been looking at multiples and factors. when trying to find factors of certain numbers we use factor bugs. We then linked this to squared numbers and found out they would always have an odd number of factors and prime numbers that would always have 2 factors.

We would like to say how impressed we have been with the quality of the homework last week. The famous people chosen were fantastic and the research was very detailed. We have spent this week adding some extra research and have started to write our biographies on our chosen person.

Our David Attenborough work is now up on display outside the classrooms, please take a look at them as they worked very hard.

Next week

Literacy: Completing biographies and then looking at explanation texts

Maths: Investigating prime and composite numbers

Spelling: ibly and ably

Science: Pollination and life cycles of flowering plants