Rocks and The Stone Age

Year 3 have had a fantastic week of learning!

In history we have been comparing similarities and differences between today’s and The Stone Age’s homes and weapons. We’ve drawn what archaeologists imagine homes would have looked like and started making our own stone age weapons.  We know what the weapons were made from and what they used them for. At home you could research which animals existed during The Stone Age. How are they similar and difference from today’s animals?

In science we knew that rocks came in all sorts of shapes and sizes but learned this week that they can be grouped into 3 types of rock: metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary. We used drama to help us learn how each type is formed. You can help at home by completing the homework task set on Google Classroom and if you see any rocks around, try to classify them.

In English we have written instructions for stone age people about ‘How to Clean a Woolly Mammoth’ as everyone knows how dirty they can get! Some of them will be put on display in the Year 3 corridor and we will post pictures of them next week. You can help at home by writing some instructions about a household task. We know how to write an introduction and how to use time conjunctions and imperative verbs.

In maths we have been learning how to find 10 or 100 more and less than a 3 digit number. You can help at home by completing the maths quiz on Google Classroom and by making up some of your own questions like ‘What is 10 more than 246?’ or ‘475 is how much more than 375?’


Water Bottles: Please try to remember to bring in water bottles everyday.

Homework: The majority of children completed last weeks homework on Google Classroom. If you do not know how to log on or are having trouble, please speak to Mr Bushell.

Reading Books: Year 3 will change home reading books every Monday and Friday. Children should read at home at least 3 times a week. Please sign in their new, red homework diaries when they have every time. The homework diary and home reading book should be brought to school and taken home every day. We will check and initial them daily.