The fun continues

In Year 5 this week, we have been looking at negative numbers in Maths. Counting backwards and forwards across zero. We have done this with number lines, bead strings and on scales. We have also used the number lines to count forwards and backwards in different multiples (2/3/4s).

In English, we have continued our reading of ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’ and made a party invitation for Colleen’s birthday. We have also written another diary entry, working on informal language and developing our vocabulary.

In Science, we have investigated magnetism to develop our understanding of magnetic fields and how they are used every day. We experimented with iron filing bubbles to discover which magnets are the strongest.

In History, we researched the changes under King Henry VIII reign that lead him to lead the reformation and starting the church of England.  We discovered how Henry was a terribly angry man when he didn’t get his way.

In Art, we continued our development of clay techniques; planning, creating and evaluating our own Saint George sculpture. We used clay tools to try and recreate it in the style of Donatello.