Modroc Madness

Well you may have noticed the children looking a little chalky on Tuesday – the result of our afternoon using modroc to sculpt our hands as inspired by Anthony Gormley. The children worked really hard and although a few might need a second attempt, the majority now have some brilliant sculptures drying in the classrooms. See the photos below.

In other news this week, we have been writing recounts from different character perspectives in ‘Pig Heart Boy’. We are all enjoying the book and reading it in every spare moment we have.

Maths has been a problem-solving week, looking at multi-step problems and working backwards with inverse operations. Next week will be a focus on division moving on to solving word problems using these skills.

Music was great fun this week. The children loved learning three new songs and had the challenging task of singing in a round, in three groups.

Just a reminder that as the weather cools, so do our classrooms. Keeping the windows open means an extra layer or two is needed. As mentioned in the newsletter, school fleeces are now available from Stevenson’s but in the meantime we would suggest wearing a vest or T-shirt under their school shirt.

Have a great weekend!