Planting, Scratch and Rockets!

We have had a very busy week in Year 2 but a very exciting one!

We started the week by taking part in a Science Investigation. We are investigating what a plant needs to grow healthily. We all planted our own bean and have chosen different places around the classroom to see how they grow. We also wrote wonderful instructions to explain how to plant your own bean. We also went out to our planters on the playground and dug up lots of potatoes – we will be using these in D&T next week.

In Computing, we have been using Scratch Jnr. to design and create our own game and characters. We created our backgrounds and characters this week and began to think about how we would code our character to move around in the game. Next week, we will be looking more closely at coding our character to go through different levels within our game.

In Maths, we have been learning how to represent a number in many different ways. We have been thinking about how to split a number into tens and ones and whether we can do this in multiple different ways. The children were given lots of resources to represent a number and were able to do this using lots of different methods.

The children have really impressed us this week during Guided Reading. Guided Reading is a daily lesson where we teach the skills needed to help the children to read. The children are split into groups where they  will read with both their Teacher and Teaching Assistant within the week to help with their comprehension, decoding and vocabulary knowledge. It’s a lovely lesson where you get the opportunity to hear children read and discuss at lengths different texts with them.


As it is beginning to get colder please ensure the children have long PE trousers and a cardigan or jumper.

Children’s homework is now set on Google Classroom. They have 2 weeks to complete both pieces of homework. When you log in it is all in the section ‘Friday 18th – Homework’. This is due on Friday 2nd October.

Please come and speak to us if you have any issue with Google Classroom.