Reporting mysterious events!

This week we have been delving deep into a story of mystery and unexplained events that was experienced by our very own British archaeologist Howard Carter. An extraordinary event included being thrown out of a pyramid that holds many treasures. To find out more read some of our articles!

Think 10/100/1000 has been a focus in maths, using our number compliments and regrouping to help make calculations easier to solve. Working through one step at a time allowed use to begin to explain what we possibly already do in our heads.

Saffron Class were privileged and proud of their friend Noah who performed a musical piece on his violin as well as showing us how the pitch of a sound can change when making the strings shorter. He showed confidence and skill and was a pleasure to listen to.

Sadly this week we say ‘Good Luck’ to Rayan in Saffron Class and Rayyan in Gold Class who are moving to new schools. We wish them all the best in their new schools.

Homework has been posted on Google Classroom and for this week is all about homophones. There are many children who have not completed last week’s homework. They will be reminded about it today and we would appreciate it if they could catch up.

Year 4 team