A dab hand this week!

Another action packed week has flown by here in Year 6.

In English this week we have been researching harmful substances and have started creating our information leaflets which include complex sentences and the use of formal language.  We will continue these next week.

In Mathematics, we have been revising division, working systematically to solve puzzles and word problems.  Next week we will be focusing on key vocabulary such as product, multiple, square numbers, factors and prime numbers and moving on to recognising patterns and sequences within numbers.

Karma was the focus of our RE lesson this week and how this forms part of the Buddhist belief of the circle of life.  We had a very interesting debate in our classes as to whether the children believe in karma and it was interesting to hear the pupils justifying their opinions with examples from their own experiences.

As you will see in the photos below, we carried out an investigation this week into how liquids flow.  Thinking about how the blood flows through the vessels in our body, we used straws and water to represent an artery and a vein.

In computing we have looked at what makes a good website and we have started to compile our ideas for our own websites using Google sites.   Next week, we will begin to use our plans to start building our websites about Malorie Blackman.

Exciting times in our art lessons as we have started to paint our hand sculptures.