Persuasive letter writing, comparing numbers and mashed potato!

The children have blown me away with their writing skills this week. We have been learning about persuasive language and thinking about what words/phrases we can do to persuade people to agree with our point of view. The children improved and edited some persuasive sentences to make them more convincing and including conjunctions such as ‘because’ or ‘as’.

In Maths, we have been comparing numbers. We have been using the <, > or = sign to compare numbers and created them using dienes to help us visualise the bigger/smaller number. The children really impressed me with their perseverance in Maths and all challenged themselves to take on the  ‘extra spicy’ challenges throughout the week – keep it up!

After we dug up our potatoes last week, we thought carefully about what we could do with them. The class decided we could make mashed potato. We discussed the ingredients needed for mashed potato and thought about how we make them. The children listened very carefully when we modelled how to cut, mash and grate the potatoes and were very sensible when carrying out these skills.