What did Stone Age people eat?

We’ve been extremely busy and messy in year 3 this week.


In science we used our knowledge of different rocks to help us understand how fossils are formed and why dinosaur fossils are extremely rare. We are using lots of scientific vocabulary like sediment, fossils, organism and erosion. We created drawings to show each step. Do you have a photo of a fossil you have found for us to see and talk about?


In English, we have been practising developing our descriptive ideas and vocabulary. We started to learn about inverted commas and how to use them. We practised using all these skills by writing letters from The Stone Age Boy to his family. You can help at home by trying to describe different objects. Rather than describing the colour. Can you start to describe the texture or sound?


In maths we practised some of the areas of place value we found tricky when completing a short quiz last week. We practised placing numbers on a number line which counted in increments of 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100. We also practised regrouping numbers in different ways using the part-whole (bubble) method. You can help at home by continuing to practise counting in 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100. You could take in turns in saying the next number or writing the numbers in a muddled order that need correcting.


Finally in history, the children wondered what Stone Age people ate. So, the children explored Stone Age organic waste (poo) to see evidence they could find. Thankfully, it was just brown coloured playdough with different seeds hidden within but this definitely challenged the year 3s stomachs.


Homework diaries must go home and return to school everyday please. We look at them daily. Please initial on the day when your child has read at school.


Homework was set today and logins for Times Tables Rockstar were stuck inside homework diaries.