If All the World Were…

Celebrating Mental Health Day has been a lovely end to another fantastic week in Year 6.  Today has been a relaxing yet thought-provoking time; exploring what mental health is and discussing our emotions and what to do when things feel overwhelming.

We took part in a short yoga session and explored a book called If All the World Were… – a poetic picture book about the love between a little girl and her grandad, and how, through memories, love can live on.

Watching Onward was a special treat – the film has a great message of perseverance and developing confidence.

This week, we have finished our leaflets with lots of advice and guidance on harmful substances.  Next week, we will be learning about Katherine Johnson and writing biographies about her incredible and influential life to link in with Black History Month.

In Mathematics, we have been revising our maths terminology, looking at number sequences and investigating different patterns.  Next week, we will start our Fraction unit which will run for a number of weeks. The focus will be simplifying fractions, looking for common denominators and comparing fractions.

In Topic, the story of the Mayan Twins has been our focus as we re-create the story through a bright and colourful comic. We have been focussing on writing concise yet cohesive sentences to re-tell this entertaining story in all of its glory.

Another fun investigation in Science this week looking at the components of blood.  We used a variety of everyday items to represent and help us remember each of their components and their job.