Letters to NASA, number lines and World Mental Health Day

Another very busy week in Year 2!

This week we received a very exciting letter from NASA sharing their interest in the space rockets we created to then build and take into space. We began the week by planning what we would write in our persuasive letter to convince NASA to pick their own rocket instead of someone else’s. The children wrote some amazing persuasive letters using conjunctions, noun phrases, varied sentence starts and excellent persuasive language- if it were up to me I’d pick them all!

In Maths, we began the week by learning how to estimate where numbers would be placed on a number line. We started by working out the benchmarks within the number line to then help us when working out where the number would go. The children were very good at explaining why a number would go closer to one number than the other and used great mathematic vocabulary.

This week, we learnt about Rosa Parks. We watched a very interesting clip about her life and the big impact she had on Black History. We had a lovely discussion about why she did what she did, whether they thought she did the right thing and how the other people on the bus must have reacted. It was so nice to hear what the children had to say about this and we thought about how things have changed since then.

In Art, we have been thinking all things space! We learnt how to mix and blend oil pastels together to make different colours. We decided to create a piece of artwork based on the planets as we noticed how many colours made up one planet. They turned out great!

To celebrate World Mental Health Day we talked about what good mental health is. We discussed what makes us feel happy and what we do to cheer ourselves up if we aren’t feeling happy. We read a lovely book called ‘Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun’ which talks about having the courage to be who you are – a lovely message to share with the children. We create our own balloons that celebrated what we liked about ourselves and shared them with the class. The children then enjoy getting all cosy to enjoy a ‘feel good’ film.