Stone Age stories, cherry models and World Mental Health

Today we celebrated World Mental Health day which was a lovely end to a great but busy week! It was nice to take a step back and think about ourselves for the afternoon. We read a book called Ruby’s worry, all about a girl who has a worry which grows until she talks about it and it lessens. We discussed how our worried can be easier by sharing them and talked about some of the things we worry about. I think we all felt better afterwards! We then had a lovely, cosy time watching a film about emotions and the importance of not ignoring out feelings.

In History this week, we looked at Stone Henge and discussed some facts and opinions about it. We used the chrome books to research our questions and find proof for them. Some were trickier than others!

In English, we wrote stories based on the Stone Age Boy book. We focused on using expanded noun phrases, exclamation marks and coordinating conjunctions. Our stories turned out fantastic and Miss Gardiner and Mr Bushell were very impressed with them! The vocabulary being used was excellent. Next week, we will be moving on from fiction and creating reports on Rocks, which is our science topic. You can help at home by reading some non fiction information texts together and discussing technical vocabulary in our Rocks unit.

In maths, we used the cherry model to regroup numbers when adding. We used ‘Think 10/100’ to help us make calculations easier. We will be continuing with this method next week, but will be focusing on subtraction.

In Science, we learnt all about Mary Anning and her contribution to Science. The children  should have some interesting facts to share with you about this! Here are some examples of their information posters about her.



All in all, we have had another successful week and I know that both classes are working really hard. Keep up the good work.

Enjoy your weekends.