The science of reversibility

Another busy week in Year 5.

Following on from last week, we experimented to see if we could change back our solutions from a dissolved state. We looked at rice, sugar and salt and how the reversing process changed between each, how the end product compared to the original and how it compared to our expectations.

This week in Maths, we have been learning to multiply & divide whole numbers and decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. We used place value sliders to move the start number, increasing and decreasing the value of each digits. The trick is to remember that we move the digits the number of times depending on the number of zeros e.g. x 100 would need to move twice in place value.

In English, we have been writing a non chronological report based on Henry VIII and his reign. We have used our editing time to ensure we have included: subheading, formal language, fronted adverbials, conjunctions and parenthesis as well as a range of punctuation. We have worked in partners to edit and up level our own work to increase our vocabulary and information.

In History, we compared the way the rich and poor people dressed, what materials were used in clothes, before designing and creating our own dress for a royal party (No wearing purple or a hat around the king, otherwise, off with your head).

This Friday, Alban City School celebrated ‘Mental Health Awareness Day’ with a few different activities across both classes. Both classes discussed how their own mental health can change and watched ‘Inside Out’ (the Disney film) which looks at the way emotions interact. In the morning, Forest class participated in a whole class Yoga session and guided meditation, they had an afternoon of free choice mindfulness activities including: colouring/drawing, water colour painting and reading. Sage Class were lucky enough to have an Environmental lesson taught by the brave Maya and Christopher based on our environment. Sage class also spent some time participating in a range of mindfulness colouring activities.

Please ensure your child is reading 3x per week (recording in homework diary) and completing the homework based on Science and Arithmetic this week.

There will be a questionnaire coming out to all children this week which is to be filled out with an adult based on their cooking experience at home. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete. Thank you

Year 5 team.