From sorting to questioning

This week has seen another week full of learning and fun.

In Literacy, we have begun to research Barack Obama, his personal achievements and what he achieved as president of the USA. During our research, we worked on being selective and then considering which heading the information belonged to. We also learnt how to use a colon to clarify, emphasise or add further detail as well as using passive constructions to affect the presentation of information. Next week, we will put all our hard work together to write a biography about Barack Obama, focussing on the use of cohesive devices.

In Maths, we have been working on factors and multiples, considering the relationship between the two. We were able to present multiples in a range of different forms (including a list and Venn diagram) before identifying common multiples. We have also started to form generalisations about the next common multiple. This learning will be extended further next week when prime numbers are introduced.

In Faith & Belief, we have explored the daily life of a Jew and how they may show commitment to their faith. This could include wearing special clothing or celebrating a range of festivals and ceremonies. We have started to think about the similarities and differences seen in Judaism and Christianity and the challenges following a faith may have.

We also had a lesson discussing the life of Nelson Mandela. Throughout, the children asked thought-provoking questions and were able to reflect on the challenges that he faced. We were able to make a display, using his surname, filling in each letter to show a little bit about his life.

Science this week was very practical and also very messy. The children were tasked with sorting through a soil mixture before sorting the items using a Carroll diagram. Everyone was able to do this successfully and had great fun. We have also uploaded some photographs for you to see.