Look up!

This week in English we read a book called ‘Look Up’. It is a lovely story about a girl named Rocket who loves space. She wants to share the experience of seeing a meteor shower with her brother but he is too busy on his phone and all she wants him to do is look up and share an amazing experience with her. The children have loved the book and have enjoyed writing character descriptions about Rocket using noun phrases, ordering the events of the story and using conjunction to retell. Next week we will be writing our own version of Look Up.

In Maths, we have been using our number bonds to 10 to help build our confidence with numbers to 100. We thought about our number bonds to 10 and thought ‘if I know this, what else do I know?’. We played a card game to create number bonds to 10 and then linked this to our knowledge of number bonds to 100.  We also began learning how to use column addition to solve 2 digit number by 2 digit number additions. The children loved learning this method – ask them to teach you how to do the same!

In Music, we were learning about the different rhythms and beats in music.  The children got to ‘shake along’ to the beat of the music and really enjoyed creating new rhythms.

In Science, we concluded our science experiment by looking at the growth of all of our bean plants. The children were able to use great scientific language to discuss why some of our plants grew healthily and why others didn’t. The children were able to discuss what went well in their experiment and consider how they would change it if they were to carry it out again.