The first half term has been completed!

We in Year 3 can’t quite believe that it’s half term already! Although it was a long one, it has flown by and the children have made some fantastic progress.

This week in English we finished our non chronological reports on Rocks and Fossils. We included facts on the rock cycle, fossils and how they are created, information on Mary Anning, pictures and a glossary. The children seemed to have really enjoy this work and it shows in their finished pieces, which look great and are well written.

After the half term we will be looking at writing recounts of a fun event over the half term.


In maths, we continued using the part whole model to solve addition and subtraction calculations, culminating in applying the skills we had learnt to solve problems.

In our last Stone Age history lesson, we created our very own cave paintings! We thought about the important things that Stone Age people did and how they communicated those things in their cave art. We upturned the tables to make our experience more authentic!


 Creating cave paintings


The finished products look great.

 Finished cave paintings


After the half term break, we will be looking at the Iron Age in history, Animal and human skeletons in Science, symbols in Faith and Belief, Aboriginal art and lots more.

Year 3 has worked really hard over this half term and we look forward to another great half term of work and fun!

Enjoy your breaks and rest and we’ll see you in a week.