Time flies when you’re having fun!

We can’t believe that this week is our last week of school before half-term, and what a start to the term it has been!

This week our number of the week is ‘6’. Each week we introduce a new number, and a number formation poem. . We have been problem solving linked to the number 6, such as how many different ways we can combine amounts to make 6, and finding one more than and one less than 6.

Some of the children have been creating their own games outside this week and we have been talking about ways to record our scores. We have learnt that a line in a tally counts as 1, and we have been counting all of the points altogether to find our total.

In phonics this week we have learnt the following sounds (and actions):

ck: clicking castanets

e: pretend to crack open an egg

u: pretend to put up an umbrella

r: imagine being a dog with a rag in your mouth saying rrrr

Try to play with the sounds we have learnt so far to make CVC words such as c-a-p, cap.