What do you call the god of melting ice? – Thaw

As you can tell by the incredible pun, this week, we have been investigating how we can affect the melting time of ice. We gave the children different tasks – some to keep their block of ice for as long as possible and others to melt a larger block before a smaller block.  We found that we can affect the change by heat, breaking apart and by changing the environment it is kept in which caused the block to melt quicker.

In English, we used our previous weeks research based on Barack Obama, to write a biography based on the 44th President of the U.S.A, learning how to use: colons, dashes and subordinating clauses to add extra information.

Prime was the word of the week in Maths, learning about prime and composite numbers and how we can build any number from prime factors.

Please ensure that children are reading over half term to yourselves, recording this in the homework diaries. Homework isn’t meant to take up all the children’s time over half term but just to keep them ticking over, this isn’t due in until the end of the first week back.

During parents evening it was great to speak to everyone and as described the list below contains some Year 5 suitable texts:

  • Brightstorm -Vashti Hardy
  • Wolf brother – Michelle Paver
  • Who let the Gods out – Maz Evans
  • Beetle Boy – MG Leonard
  • Boy in the tower – Polly Ho-Yen
  • The butterfly lion – Michael Morpurgo
  • Clockwork – Phillip Pullman
  • Scribbleboy – Phillip Ridley
  • Hacker – Malorie Blackman



Mr Clements and Mrs Bland