A new beginning

Welcome back all for the new half-term.

This week we have been settling back into school life and have thought carefully about the connections that we have with each other. It was so lovely to hear about all of the memories that the children have and the common interests they share. We were then able to create a link to show how we are all connected to each other which is proudly hanging from the classroom ceiling.

In Faith and Belief, we have been thinking about the role of a rabbi and generated some questions to ask during our video call next week on Tuesday. We will then be using this information to write up an interview in our books.

During our Literacy lessons, we have been reflecting on Remembrance Day and the role of a soldier during the First World War. We were inspired to write our own cinquains and the pupil’s choice of language has been very inspiring. All pupil have engaged really well this week, thinking carefully about the number of syllables in each word. This is because a cinquain is made up of 5 lines containing a different number of syllables each time. They also provide an excellent chance to recap on our knowledge of word classes as different lines contain nouns, adjectives and verbs.

The weekly CLIC tests have also shown some great improvements this week with many people able to move up to the next level. It is great to see the determination that the children have to improve on their score each week and there were many happy smiles for 10s this week.

Next week, we will continue our science topic on Materials and begin to learn about Tudor exploration.