What’s under our skin?

This week we started our new science topic about the human body. Year 3 were asked to think about: if our skin was removed, what would we see? We discussed why we needed bones and muscles. Some children were even able to share some of the names for our bones and muscles. We also discussed medicines in PSHE. We discussed who and when they should take medicine as well as the job of vaccines. We made posters about our learning and ideas.

In maths we have begun looking at the formal written method for addition (column addition) and how to regroup. We will continue with this next week before looking at subtraction. We have spent lots of time practising making calculations using equipment and turning these into drawings. Here is a video to help you understand how we’ve been practising. You can help at home by making some similar questions and asking your child to draw it.

Everyone was excited to share what they did over the half term. Year 3 used this to write recounts and an opportunity to learn about subordinate conjunctions.  Here is a video to help explain.  You can help at home by practising making some sentences using: as, while, since, because, when.

In history, Year 3 are discovering about life after the Stone Age and have created timelines to identify some key events from the past.