Family connections

At the beginning of this week we were lucky enough to have a parent volunteer, who is a Rabbi, answer our questions about the Jewish faith. He was incredibly informative and openly shared his experience as a Rabbi and a leader in his faith. The children really enjoyed the google meet with him as he was so engaging.

On Wednesday, we all took part in a minutes silence on the playground to remember those for Armistice Day. In English this week we have continued our look into World War 1 poetry and written our own free verse poems based around the War and those involved. The children have worked incredibly hard to use poetic devices and emotive language  within their poems.

In Maths, this week we have been using our known multiplication knowledge to work using inverse operations and where to start when problem solving.

This week, we have built on our knowledge of the three states of matter and how we can change them into each state. Throughout the week in Topic we have researched and created a fact page about some of the explorer’s in Tudor times and discovered they weren’t the heroes that we thought they were.

Last week, we discussed and found out the different ways we are linked to each other in school, leading to this week discovering how we are linked to those at home. This is through a family tree, we have discussed how a family tree can be different for each person and the reasons. This is to be continued as part of the homework this week to see how the children are connected to their family.